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What kinds of aluminum powder are introduced by aluminum powder manufacturers

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Main classification of aluminum powder:

1. Superfine aluminum powder

The grade is lft1, lft2, the precision is 0.07 ~ 0, and the raw material is pure aluminum ingot. Main uses: mainly used as fuel for rocket propulsion in aerospace industry, as well as primary raw materials for military industry, etc.

2. Superfine aluminum powder

The grade is Flt1 and flt2, and the precision is 16 ~ 30 μ m. The raw material is pure aluminum ingot. Main uses: used as raw material of exterior metallic paint for automobiles, mobile phones, motorcycles and bicycles.

3. Aluminum powder for steelmaking

The grade is flg1, flg2, flg3, and the particle size is 0.35 ~ 0, which can be produced from waste aluminum. Main uses: steel degassing, deoxidation.

4. Fine aluminum powder

The grades are flx1, flx2, flx3 and flx4, and the particle size is 0.35 ~ 0. Main uses: used in chemical industry, fireworks, etc.

5. Aluminum magnesium powder for fireworks

The grades are flmy1, flmy2, flmy3 and flmy4, and the particle size is 0.16 ~ 0. Waste aluminum can be used for production. Main use: fireworks powder

6. Coating aluminum powder

It is mainly used in industrial anti-corrosion and anti rust coatings, production of fireworks, etc. Common coating aluminum powder can be produced by using high grade waste conductor.

7. Aluminum magnesium alloy powder

Brand: flm1, flm2 main uses: fireworks, firecrackers, military industry

8. Ball milling aluminum powder

The grades are flq1, flq2 and flq3, and the particle size is 0.08 ~ 0. Application: used in chemical industry, foundry, fireworks

Processing methods in the production process of aluminum powder:

1. Atomization method

Aluminum powder atomization method is divided into air atomization and nitrogen atomization

2. Ball milling

The ball milling of aluminum powder can be divided into wet milling and dry milling

3. Chip method

Granulation of aluminum by chip machine

4. Crushing method

Crushing and granulating with crusher

5. Grinding granulation

Manufacturing aluminum particles by grinding machine