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How is aluminum powder refined

作者: 点击::1403 发表时间:2021-04-23

Hello everyone, my name is aluminum powder, which is a kind of silver white metal powder, so I am commonly known as "silver powder". I have a wide range of applications, I can be applied to fireworks, metal coating, aerated concrete, refractory and other chemical and industrial production. My production process can be said to have gone through a lot of tempering, going through a lot of procedures before "refining". So how can a good quality aluminum powder be "refined"?

1. The first step is to throw me into a high temperature melting furnace above 700 ℃ and melt it into pure aluminum water! Then through the gas medium, I am atomized into a relatively coarse powder. Now I have a preliminary form of aluminum powder.

2. Selection and screening

At this time, I'm still different in size, so I need to be selected and screened, and the similar ones are classified into one category. After selection and screening, my purity is as high as 99%, which can be applied to some industrial production.

3 ball milling

Although I have been reborn after smelting, atomization and screening, I still can't meet the requirements of some fine chemical enterprises, such as fireworks, aerated concrete, coating and so on, so I have to enter the ball mill for a lot of tempering to become finer and more valuable aluminum powder.

4 testing

Important process before leaving factory

Each batch of products will be sampled and tested in strict accordance with the testing standards to ensure that we are qualified. The main testing items include aluminum content, active aluminum, particle size distribution and other indicators.

5. Packing and delivery

After testing qualified, we can put on a beautiful coat, be sent to all parts of the country, and even across the sea to export to the needs of our users!